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 K&N High Performance Motorcycle Air Filter Products  

MX XStreme Motorcycle Air Filters for Dirt Bikes
MX XStream® for Dirt Bikes

Harley-Davidson Biker riding with a K&N Air Filter installed

K&N Motorcylce Air Filters

K&N Motorcycle Air Filters

K&N Performance Gold® Motorcycle Oil Filters

K&N Motorcycle Oil Filters
  • Includes a new high-quality rubber anti drain back valve
  • An improved pressure relief valve
  • A strong inner core 
  • "Spin-on" oil filters feature heavy-duty canister walls
  • 17 mm cross drilled nut for most motorcycle applications
  • A heavy-duty base plate with an improved rolled seal
  • [more info on K&N Oil Filters]   
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K&N Custom Air Cleaners for Harley Davidson® Motorcycles

K&:N Air Filter for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

K&N Air Intake Kit for Harley Davidson® Motorcycles

  • K&N Air Filter significantly increases performance
  • Billet aluminum throttle-body mounting plate
  • Complete breather assembly and mounting hardware
  • Aluminum Intake Tube available in two finishes; Bright Mirror or Textured Black
  • [more info on Harley-Davidson® Intakes]
K&N Air Intake with Motorcycle Air Filter

K&N Custom Air Cleaners for Yamaha Road Star Motorcycles

K&:N Air Filter for Yamaha Roadstar Motorcycles

Custom Air Cleaners for Metric Cruiser Motorcycles

K&N Motorcycle Air Filter for Metric Cruiser

Increase Your Hauling Horsepower

Increase Your Hauling Power with K&N Air Intake with Motorcycle Air Filter
Add Performance to Your Truck

K&N Motorcycle Air Filters, Oil Filters, and Cold Air Intake Kits

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